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About Cerec® One-Visit Crowns

Learn More
About Cerec® One-Visit Crowns

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About Cerec® One-Visit Crowns

Cerec® One-Visit Crowns

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At Warshauer & Santamaria, we offer the convenience of one-day dental restorations using cutting-edge CEREC® technology, the only in-office system for the fabrication and placement of permanent all-ceramic crowns, onlays, or veneers—all in just one office visit.

CEREC® offers you benefits that traditional dental restorations cannot:

  • Fewer Appointments/Less Time: Because your crown is designed and fabricated onsite while you wait, there’s no need for a temporary crown and for you to return for a second appointment. Generally, you’ll be treated and fitted with your permanent crown in under two hours!
  • Less Treatment: The CEREC® System requires less time, fewer injections, and less drilling. Because CEREC® restorations are bonded to teeth, less drilling is required to accommodate the restoration. This allows us to save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible while also strengthening the tooth’s structure. Plus, since your restoration is created with you present, our dentists can review and adjust the fit, form, and color as needed at any point, ensuring your restoration is fully customized.
  • The Finest Dental Materials: The CEREC® System uses strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty and function. CEREC® restorations have been shown to be as long-lasting and functional as traditional crowns.
  • Better Protection from Cracking: CEREC® restorations are designed to protect the health of your teeth by preventing cracking. They closely match the composition of natural tooth structure. This means that the restoration material and tooth expand and contract at almost the same rate in response to hot or cold foods and beverages, putting significantly less stress on the teeth than traditional metal restorations.

How it works: Your dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth using a CEREC 3-D camera. CEREC CAD/CAM software then uses this digital information to create a virtual impression of the tooth using exacting calculations and comparisons to surrounding teeth to establish a precise shape and fit. Your impression is transmitted to the in-office CEREC technology, which engineers and fabricates your restoration. Your dentist then preps and permanently affixes your restoration then and there.

Feel free to contact our Back Bay dental office to learn more CEREC® One-Visit Restorations or to schedule a consultation to see if the CEREC® System is the right choice for your dental restoration.

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